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Looking back at my post back in 2014, it feels kinda cringe to read it nowadays.
I still have the motivation to keep the development on and off, which means slowly (as said back then).
And it's pretty much thanks to you guys.
I've gained more support and I'm really thankful for that, thank you.

I've had a passion for programming and scripting within the GoldSrc engine games and mods since, around 2004.
I always love to learn more about it and implement, improve and fix things.

Still learning and planning on how to implement a pathfinding algorithm for the NPCs to be more intelligent at navigating through the maps. I've already excluded A* pathfinding because that is gonna be too CPU intensive.
I'm gonna need a few more years to work this through though.

Anyhow, here are some of the changes since the post from last year (incomplete, like usual):
  • New monster: SAW grunt
  • New feature: Monsters equipped with 9mmAR and SAW shoots fully automaticly if their enemy is close, and burst firing on long range
  • New feature: Apache can now be on the lookout at a specific position and approach any visible enemy and return to that position when the enemy died or isn't visible anymore
  • New feature: Apache react to damage being taken if it doesn't have any enemy and turn towards the direction wherever the damage came from
  • New feature: Monster spawnpoints can now spawn a specific amount of monsters depending on a counter and how many of them can be alive at once
  • New feature: Heavily damaged Robot Grunts will have a glowshell shock effect randomly and while active, touching them will result in injuries
  • New feature: Helicopter Osprey can now be stationary and keep deploying grunts/male assassins
  • New feature: Weapons dropped by monsters now fade out when the life time runs out
  • New feature: Big Momma gibs now used for gibbed Big Mommas
  • New feature: Big Momma play a sound when one of its children has died (was disabled in the past due to causing the server to crash)
  • New feature: Improved hitboxes and bones for non-playable characters. Now you can actually cause critical damage by doing a head shot!
    E.g. Helicopter Osprey is only taking bullet damage type dealt on the engines and cockpit. Explosives makes a massive damage no matter what nor where
  • New feature: You can now deal damage to corpses and they will eventually explode into guts
  • New feature: Monsters now target an Osprey Helicopter at either one of its engines
  • New feature: Monsters will now attack barnacles that has caught allied monsters/players as their prey
  • New feature: Monsters are now able to attack other entities, just check it out on the Sandbox server (referring to the Sentry Gun and Dispenser)
  • New feature: Monsters are now compatible with custom mods, for example with a custom made Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne mod, spells are able to interact with the monsters and they react to the damage, Human Alliance invisibility skill as well the cloak item won't alert the monster until the player reveal himself somehow, e.g. fired his gun or getting too close to the monster
  • Fixed: Turrets no longer sink through the ground when fading out. As well not falling down from the ceiling
  • Fixed: Monsters couldn't be killed until they reached -9999 health has been fixed once and for all
  • Fixed: Barney and Otis no longer keep spawning several gibs and weapons on their death
  • Fixed: Monsters pausing from a constant stream of damage
  • Fixed: Leech now approach their enemy and isn't just swimming around being useless
  • Counter-Strike tactical shield is now able to deflect bullets and some monsters attack abilities
  • Tentacle now target his enemy if the enemy is running fast enough (so silently crouch or walk slow to avoid him)
  • All monster spawnpoints are stack protected
  • Added shake effect when Big Momma and Baby Gargantua run
  • Added shake effect when Apache and Osprey crashes
  • Barnacle idle think decreased, so now players can't run through their tongues so easily
  • Decreased the amount of headcrabs Big Momma lays from 20 to 10
  • Reduced the life time of weapons dropped by monsters from 60 seconds to 40 seconds
  • When an Helicopter Osprey is deploying repelling grunts and died while doing so, the rappelling grunts dies too

Also, I've invested a new high-end server machine to improve the performance slightly. But mainly to throw up more game servers on.
From Intel i5 2500S @ 2.7GHz to Intel Xeon E5-2687W v2 @ 3.4GHz


Been working my ass off with a lot of new content and enhancements since the last post date. Especially within the two past months (mostly unnoticeable things).
Here are some of the changes since then (incomplete list):
  • Added support for both Windows and Linux
  • Mod updated to work with Half-Life (+other mods with no change to the binary file) and Team Fortress Classic
  • New weapon: Heckler & Koch MP5 (from Half-Life)
  • New weapon: M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (from Opposing Force)
  • New weapon: M40A1 Sniper Rifle (from Opposing Force)
  • New weapon: Mini UZI
  • New weapon: HECU SPAS-12 (from Half-Life)
  • New feature: Monster riding - Jumping onto a monster will allow you to "ride" it when it begins to move
  • New feature: Monsters can now damage other creatures they happen to fall onto. E.g. If a gargantua lands on you, you're smooshed
  • New feature: Monsters now take falling damage (monsters spawned in the air are immune until reaching the ground)
  • New feature: Monsters can now be assigned to a team to team up with.
    For Counter-Strike, it search through the map if there are any terrorist spawns (info_player_deathmatch) to determine if monsters like Barney, Scientist e.g. should attack Counter-Terrorists or not (cooperative mode).
    If the search returns true (there are terrorist spawns in the map), all monsters will attack all players it sees. Unless the monster is assigned to their team and vice versa for other monsters.
    If friendly fire is on, it will fight back and alert his other comrades when a certain amount of damage has been reached (alright, I've had enough of you!).
    If the monster however is not assigned to a team nor the monster it sees, it will check their relationship to each other
  • New feature: Movable monsters attend to follow allied player if the monster doesn't have a current enemy. As well moving away if it's being pushed
  • New feature: Voltigore self-destruct after a few (random) seconds when it dies into a big acid shower, which will poison anyone caught within.
  • New feature: Sentry guns now has a 50% chance of detonating upon death
  • New feature: Monsters become tougher as a new player has joined "Players" team (damage increment)
  • New feature: Barnacle flinch when receiving damage
  • New feature: Baby Garg's 'kick' attack has been added. Doesn't kick heavy monsters like Voltigore, Gargantua e.g.
  • New feature: Gargantua's 'throwbody' attack has been added. Attempt to grab small creatures and players if they are too close
  • New feature: Otis and Barney now has a ammo clip in their weapon and reload their pistols when they're out of ammo
  • New feature: Gargantuas now throw their enemies into the air when they swipe, slash, or swing their arms
  • New feature: Apaches that spawn with no paths to follow, will attempt to hover over enemy positions
  • Fixed: A lot of potential crash bugs. A test server with 28 bots constantly stress testing all monsters has been running for several days without a crash (so far)
  • Fixed: Some monsters got stuck in a infinite schedule loop
  • Fixed: Minor tweaks for Heavy Weapon Grunt for not spinning down his minigun when he goes chase enemy schedule
  • Fixed: Kill assist system has been reworked from scratch and now works properly (not done supporting other than Counter-Strike right now)
  • Increased all monsters 'Look' radius for entities, as well how many entities there are in their box (radius)
  • Levels decreased from 1800 to 1000
    New players couldn't catch up with high leveled players rushing through the map(s) playing immortal.


I don't really have any motivation to keep up with the development with this mod as I used too have, due to the lack of support I receive.
I won't stop the development, but the progress will be very slow further on from now.
I have come to the point in my life where I have a lot of thoughts in my head; what I want to do with my life e.g.
And my interest for live streaming video games has grown lately.
So, I'll let the server keep running until it just stops. Some day it will, so enjoy before that day occur!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed with your support!


  • New monster: Robot Grunt
  • New monster: Xen Tree, Xen Spore Small, Xen Spore Medium, Xen Spore Large
  • Fixed crash bug with houndeye and scientist
  • Changed Human Grunt to the old-school low quality model armed with RPG
  • Babygarg can now kick his enemies
  • A Shock Trooper's shock will make the target it hit to glow (this also works if the victim already had a rendering, it store/save the current index's rendering (IF he have it) to set the a new one and restore the saved/stored one back)
  • If a client/player get killed by a monster, it will print it into the console and able to log the event which will make it easier to detect with e.g AMX Mod X
  • Voltigore now deal damage upon death to anyone close to the dead corpse
  • Gargantuas death schedule now more similiar to the original Gargantua in Half-Life
  • Alien Flock Flyer more optimized to improve the server resources
  • Added no friendly fire support for Female Assassin
  • Headcrab turns around a little faster from each attack it does
  • Optimized HWGrunt to spin up and down at the right time
  • Gonome and Voltigore is now able to "victory dance" which means they'll walk up to their dead enemy corpse and eat it to regain health
  • Sniper Male Assassins now make a blood stream on hit
  • Fixed constant calling for backup/help preventing monsters from attacking and just keep on alerting their comrades


  • New monster: Voltigore
  • New monster: Alien Flock Flyer
  • New monster: RPG grunt
  • Updated HWGrunt attacking behavior and spins up his minigun a lot faster, adapted to the spin up sound
  • Fixed HWGrunt being able to fire without even spinning up his minigun
  • Decreased HWGrunts accuracy
  • Shock Trooper now also decide whether or not to crouch/stand when attacking to prevent them from firing into the obstacle in their way when they crouch, like sandbags e.g.
  • HWGrunt minigun fire position decide whether to shoot or not, if not - he moves until he get a clear sight to verify the bullet(s) will hit the enemy
  • HWGrunt keep the minigun spinning when his enemy has died
  • Shock Tiroopers now toss their impact spores at players, rather than throw them high into the air.
  • Pit Drone's and Gonome eat fallen enemies to gain health
  • Specified Shock Trooper's eye position to a static value to fix some model issues.
  • Reworked on a bug with monsters not respawning after being killed
  • All monster corpses fade slower
  • Added no friendly fire support for Pit Drones, Barney, Otis
  • Added friendly variation of HWGrunt
  • Shock Trooper now search for cover from grenades
  • Cockroaches can be squished
  • Ichthyosaurs float on death, and stay around for up to 15 seconds - You can jump up on them as life rafts
  • Monsters now take falling damage, falling into water deal no damage
  • Decreased accuracy of Human Grunts MP5/9mmAR
  • Friendly NPCs greeting the first player they see
  • Fixed monsters pausing from a constant stream of damage
  • HWGrunt now walks up to the enemy corpse
  • HWGrunt trying to find cover from grenades in idle state
  • Otis now spawning with a random head
  • New Human Grunt model (I like the 'old school' rather than HD ones)
  • Increased all monsters 'look' distance limit, Sniper Male Assassins and RPG Human Grunts have a much higher limit
  • Monsters calling for backup/help through the whole map fixed
  • Scientist forgive players when he hides for a few seconds from having taken damage from them
  • Scientist stop following players if he just saw a enemy
  • Monsters are able to gib players if they deal enough damage, e.g. Barnacle, Houndeye will always gib his enemies
  • All monsters receive a frag point if he kill the enemy
  • Shock Roach with a owner checks if his owner fade upon death, if he do - Shock Roach will fade too
  • Removed Female Assassins transparent feature
  • If a monster in idle state receive any damage, it will roam
  • Slightly increased Gonome range attack animation to throw chunk a bit faster
  • Shock Trooper fire his shock beams towards the direction his enemy is moving
  • Modified Human Grunt and Male Assassins attack- and chasing behaviours
  • All Human Grunts, HWGrunts, Male and Female Assassins do no longer hate monsters with Alien Military class
  • Human Grunts, HWGrunts, Male and Female Assassins check within a distance limit to see if a monster is too close, if so he will focus on the closest one, e.g. if a headcrab is too close and there is a Alien Grunt a bit further away, he will focus on the headcrab first
  • Fixed relationship crash bug with Barney and Otis
  • Increased monster yaw speed
  • Specified Heavy Weapon Grunt's eye position to a static value
  • Male Sniper Assassins have a new reload animation; to the specified 'm40a1_reload' in the model already made by Gearbox
  • Rocket Grunt fire his rocket towards the direction his enemy is moving
  • Fixed a unknown bug with talking monsters somehow set a new model on a enemy when he speak to it, e.g. if a Scientist talked to a Barnacle, it let go from the roof and becomes a Barney suddenly
  • Changed Shock Trooper's shock beam
  • Gonome's secondary melee attack (bite) check if he hit his enemy or not, if not - he complete the task and start to chase him instead of continuing biting in the air
  • Human Grunts and Male Assassins check if there are any friendly nearby the enemy before throwing or shooting a grenade to prevent them killing their friend(s)
  • Monster corpses float in water